Stainless Steel Multi Media Filter

        Stainless Steel water filter can be installed directly after the main pipe to provide clean and clear filtered water for the whole building or directly through the main pipe to provide filtered water for the whole house.

        Low maintenance cost

        Easy back wash system

        Easy-to-use and operate

        Multi layer filter elements

        Water pressure not affected

        Centralised filtration system

        Long lasting SUS-304 Stainless Steel body

        Healthy Living (Beneficial to sensitive skin)


      Made by high quality & long lasting stainless steel housing

      Contain with activated carbon to remove chlorine, dirt, rust, iron, repulsive smell and to prevent disease.

      Convey water to any part of the house such as water tank, washroom, kitchen & garden.

      Easy to install and operate, free from any mechanical or electrical connection.

      Remove dirty water through a backwash system.